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The Liquor Collection


Why not! As times evolve, we are taking cupcakes to another level.

The Liquor Collection is a collaboration of our divine cupcakes and chic cocktails. This unique duo has a blend of the most popular alcoholic beverages, classic sugar work techniques, bazaar flavour combinations and overall lavish designs. This collection is a new age of cake making; we used key elements and methods from cocktail mixing to design the recipe of this collection.

Our aim is to convey pure luxury and class in one small bite. We have perfected 4 cocktail flavour’s; Pina-Colada, Mojito, Caramel Martini and Amaretto & coke, they are almost too beautiful to eat.

Our Pina Colada cupcake consists of the perfect mix of rum, pineapple and coconut. Indulge in a coconut cake, filled with the Scrumptious Crumbles special Pina Colada filling, topper with a golden glitter cherry, pineapple leaves and gold leaf.

We followed the traditional Mojito recipe by combine white rum, sugar, lime and mint… Filled with the Scrumptious Crumbles Mojito sugar syrup, fresh mint and hand made glass candy!

Our Caramel Martini cupcake is the perfect combination of vanilla vodka and caramel liquor. Filled with the Scrumptious Crumbles alcoholic caramel sauce and topper with a handmade caramel cage.

The perfect mix!  A Coke based cake filled with a fizzy surprise! Garnished with our Scrumptious Crumbles Amaretto icing , a fresh lemon slice and an amaretto macaroon.